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Miss Turquoise Circuit is the offical ambassador for the Turquoise ProRodeo Circuit of the PRCA.

Miss Turquoise Circuit 2024
Shar Weehunt

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Shar Weehunt Miss Turquoise Circuit 2024 resides in Tularosa, NM. She is currently a full-time college student at Grand Canyon University online and CEO of her family’s custom clothing and design business, “Southwest Attitude’s”. Ms. Weehunt, 21 years old is the daughter of Shiela Weehunt and sister of Arren Weehunt. Shar comes from a small family-owned water well drilling business located in the Tularosa basin known for “Weehunt for water”.  

Her love of agriculture and rodeo runs deep as a first-generation cowgirl. Shar participates in barrels, breakaway roping, sorting, and reining with her AQHA horse Sunny. And she also loves occasionally exhibiting in chute dogging. Miss Turquoise Circuit was the first ever rodeo queen Shar saw growing up that inspired her to be a rodeo queen herself.  From the way a queen holds the western spirit as an ambassador keeping these traditions alive through the passions of the sport of rodeo. It takes grace, grit, and courage to be a true cowgirl.


Getting Shar to where she is today, her personal belief and platform, “Don’t let life define you, let it drive you”, shares that vision.  Those goals, dreams, and passions in life one must never give up on or give in but driven towards them at full speed with pure tenacity and determination.  Encouraging others, no matter where you came from, what you have, or where you start NEVER let those things in life define you but use those factors as a driving principle to strive for the goals and aspirations in your life that you truly want and desire. Sometimes people in life struggle with difficult circumstances or challenges, but that just makes you dig deeper and work a little harder.  Shar swears, “you can come from the bottom of nothing, and work towards everything by being strong and determined through clear mindfulness on what truly matters. Work through each day looking at the lessons of life as powerful experiences to learn. Though the journey may be long and often drags you through the dirt, the skills, wisdom, lessons learned and experiences are well worth getting you to where and who you're meant to be.” 


Shar plans on attending as many Turquoise Circuit rodeos as possible being on the rodeo road promoting our vision, mission, and goals of the Professional sport of Rodeo. She encourages others to join our community, industry, and rodeo family. From school visits, community engagements, rodeo appearances, sponsor visits, rodeo queen events, and more. Shar can’t wait to meet you all down the rodeo road. 

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Fast Facts

  • Holds title for 1 year and attends as many PRCA rodeos in the circuit as possible

  • Attends the NFR Open (formerly RAM National Circuit Finals) where she does promo work and carries flags during the rodeo

  • An upper-level pageant, our contestants are judged by 3 persons from out-of-state, and by folks with extreme knowledge of rodeo and queening

  • Contestants are judged on horsemanship (40%), Appearance (30%), and Personality (30%) and the young woman who has the highest composite score wins the title

More Information

Jessica Nehrmeyer

About Miss Turquoise Circuit

The Miss Turquoise Circuit Pageant selects a young woman to represent the Turquoise Circuit of the PRCA across the country. Her main job is to promote the sport of rodeo and the circuit when she attends a rodeo. She is a horsewoman and works with stock contractors and rodeo committees to help in whatever they need for her to do. This may include visiting schools, being on the radio or television, and of course, working the rodeo. She is a PR rep for the Circuit. The pageant is held annually during the Turquoise Circuit Finals Rodeo and that is where her reign begins. Most of our titleholders have gone on to win either Miss Rodeo Arizona or Miss Rodeo New Mexico and then compete in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant in Las Vegas. The pageant is under the umbrella of Borderland Queen Enterprises and is a 501(c)3 with a board of directors made up of knowledgeable people from both states. As a fundraiser for our pageant we organize the Borderland Queen Clinic in the early spring each year, which is rated as the #1 Rodeo Queen Clinic in the United States.

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